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eyeAm Van Gogh

In collaboration with Retail is Detail, eyeAm has designed a traveling Cultural‑Pop and sponsorship program for the Van Gogh Museum, with the aim of increasing American public awareness of Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces. Nine of his world famous works have been reproduced using the Relievo‑Technique and are currently being shown in various shopping malls.

Cultural Pop Up concept & design - retail tour USA 2017 - 2018 - 2019

eyeAm all about

eyeAm supports your business in establishing your visual brand DNA. By understanding your competitors, marketplace and commercial objectives, we help you define and (re)create your visual brand appearance. Designing unique visual brand solutions that can differentiate in a highly demanding market. eyeAm produces work that is surprising, innovative, inspirational and unique to the brand. Adding visual strength, achieving commercial relevant goals.

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Photo, Mireille van der Sluis

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eyeAm color

From the moment we wake up we are surrounded by color. As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by color. As a child a simple box of crayons would excite me! Today this excitement has evolved into a full-blown professional obsession. It made me decided to put my passion for color to use in my professional landscape. Showing companies and brands that the impact of color and color use is measurable and thus can be improved, gaining large commercial benefits.

That’s why eyeAm partnered with colornavigator. This great color tool provides insight into the effects of your (brand) color use and offers tailor-made solutions for business improvements that are; effective, measurable, transferable and defensible.

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Photo, colornavigator.net