eyeAm all about

eyeAm helps companies by refreshing the existing. We design by re-approaching, redefining and reorganizing. We are specialized in showing your visual identity. Together we help create relevant business concepts. We bring change by doing so.
Designing concepts that make your customers feel special and create lasting connections.

Our projects range from brand direction to retail interior design, from practical visual merchandising manuals to custom made furniture, visual merchandise concepts and brand training. Always translating the brand values into everyday visual reality.

eyeAm is a network organization

The members of the eyeAm studio are on a wide range of talents and backgrounds all with their unique personality and able to strengthen each others qualities in the field of retail, design, graphic, arts, interior and fashion. Our members are selected specifically for their unique quality and only hired when needed.

eyeAm with clients

Under the brand direction of Berna Hoonhout, the eyeAm studio collaborates closely with clients who seek alternative solutions to highlight the brands personality to express a more unconventional and intuitive approach to the existing environment.

Current clients: IvanHoƩ Cambridge - ETNA - Jan Linders (supermarket) - Roels Spaces - Vlisco Group (brands - Vlisco, Woodin, Uniwax, GTP) - Het Mauritshuis - de Haagse Hogeschool - MAGGY'S - Ti Sento - Sodexo - Wereldhave

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