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“ Berna is a very professional retail concept designer, specialized in visual merchandising; She’s communicative, inspiring, structured and empathic. Berna has helped us very well with determining the retail concept for assortment and presentation egarding the tourist office in Groningen. The success of this project is for us proof that an excellent store design is strengthened with an integrated visual merchandising concept. ”
Brun Conradi Sandenburg Creative Concepts

assortment presentation ‘Er gaat niets boven Groningen’

eyeAm VVV Groningen

Assortment development and product presentation concept in close collaboration with Sandenberg Concept Creation. In this project the store space is shared with the information center for the new building projects and is a temporary location until the New Forum Building is realized in 2017.
The space, which opened in October 2011, is located in the heart of the city; at the Grote Markt.

routing and assortment placement
concept sketches
concept sketch wall presentation

eyeAm the project approach

We had the challenge to integrate a broad and various assortments into a small space. This wide range of local souvenirs, clothing and books etc. had to be optimally presented and needed to be integrated within the existing 'tourist location formula'. The assortment also needed to be commercially profitable. The store needed to be stock keeping on shop floor level due to limited space. And there was a strong urge to present the local products in a special way.

We created new product groups, downsized the assortment and we chose to present it in a more museum like presentation to give the products the special attention it needed. To help the daily operation run smoothly we developed a layout for the assortment based on the optimal store routing and we developed a visual merchandise manual. The classification and arrangement of the VVV Groningen assortment they can herewith adjust to their own sense.

store build
wall presentation
wall presentation
specific presentation elements
specific presentation elements
retail operation manual