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eyeAm helps companies visualizing a strong brand appearance. By listening thoroughly to who you are and what you need. We have deep understanding of your competitors, marketplace and commercial objectives. We design by re-approaching, analyzing, redefining and reorganizing. Establish an emotional connection with your consumers and creating sharable brand memories. Together we define relevant business concepts.

eyeAm Berna

Working as brand director at eyeAm with a background in fashion management and retail communication & presentation design, I approach projects with a sharp detailed eye and broad experience. My work is based on a combination of expertise and skills combined with a intuitive touch and a healthy dose of practical every day reality. Having full awareness of current trends and needs in the retail industry, I mix my knowledge of the brand’s specific needs in positioning commercial objectives, into full retail and/or wholesale solutions. Working very structured with a highly creative sense, which is very valuable when change is needed.

eyeAm for visual brand issues:

retail strategy & concepts
brand color passports
retail communication & presentation concepts
assortment development
visual merchandise concepts & operation manuals
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Photo, Mireille van der Sluis

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eyeAm with clients

eyeAm collaborates closely with her clients who seek alternative solutions to highlight the brands personality to express a more unconventional and colorful approach tot the existing brand environment.

Current clients: AH to go - van Gogh museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam Marketing, Heineken, Pearle, Kraan Mode, CUBE retail, the Happy Chicken, Humphreys.