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“ Since November 2013, Berna assisted us on our request skillfully in redefining the vision of the shop and the décor and our assortment. This has led to a clear and concise strategy document, a streamlining of our range, a handbook with guidelines for the product design and a retail yearly calendar. We are currently processing the consequences of these new insights in developing new store concept and presentation furniture.

Berna has a particularly sharp eye for detail, is critical but always in a friendly and constructive way, shows understanding, is to-the-point, everything works off down to the detail. A professional with whom we have worked with great pleasure! ”
Anne-Marie Schuster Consultant Communication & Marketing

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eyeAm the Pop Up store

In 2016 will ‘De Haagse winkel’, the store of the Hague University move to a new location outside the school complex. In the intervening period the store will operate temporarily as Pop Up. We designed a temporary modular concept for this Pop Up location where we have merged the existing items with new elements. All these modular elements will also be moved to the final store location.

Pop Up store
Pop Up store
Pop Up store
concept design modular presentation system
concept design modular presentation system

eyeAm De Haagse winkel

'De Haagse winkel' is the shop of the Hague University of applied sciences. Here they sell a large assortment of promotional and consumer items for their students and employees. The store also develops custom made articles for conferences and (inter)national meetings. 'De Haagse winkel' exists 7 years and has grown into a fully-fledged retail environment that’s commercially profitable. The store is part of the marketing department. There are 1900 employees and more than 25,000 students follow their education at the Hague University of applied sciences.

concept design wall presentation & furniture design
furniture design
adapting existing furniture design by adding desk bin and side covers
adapting existing furniture design by adding desk bin and side covers
modular presentation display
assortment development

eyeAm the projects

In the several projects we have done together we have redefined the strategy of the shop, the décor and the assortment. This has led to the development of corporate identity guide, a new purchasing policy and visual merchandising concept. In this process we further have helped to define the starting points for a multi flexible presentation store concept. This has resulted in designing the new retail furniture, producing and installing it as well. We created a flexible store design that’s able to grow along with the ever-changing retail environment.

corporate guide assortment
shop window concept & implementation

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